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Susan Budiharjo is widely known
as one of the generation of senior fashion designer in Indonesia, and her deep passion
for the fashion world has led her to establish Lembaga Pengajaran Tata Busana Susan Budiharjo in 1980. Since then, the school has created a growing number of talented young designers like Sebastian Gunawan, Eddy Betty, Andrian Gan, Irsan, Didi Budiarjo, Denny Wirawan and many more. All of them have been responsible in shaping the great fashion industry in Indonesia today.

Many of the also holding prestigious positions as fashion designer, merchandisers, top stylish,
and other exciting professions.

Fashion world is growing at an exponential rate, therefore the mission of Lembaga Pengajaran Tata Busana Susan Budiharjo is to prepare the new generation to make their mark in
the global fashion world,
especially in Indonesia.

Sebagai sekolah mode yang pertama menerbitkan label sendiri, LPTB
Susan Budihardjo mempersembahkan label Number 1 by LPTB Susan

Beberapa prestasi sudah diraih label muda ini. Dimana salah satunya
adalah berpartisipasi dalam peragaan busana berkolaborasi dengan
COLORBOX pada event Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2013, dan I Fashion
Festival 2014 MNC Fashion. Bekerja sama dengan Metro Dept. Store, kini
produk-produk Number 1 bisa didapati dengan lebih mudah. Dengan
mengetengahkan koleksi ready-to-wear yang casual, easy to wear, dan
perfect for mix and match, namun dengan sentuhan edgy seperti membawa
kesegaran baru untuk pilihan masyarakat Jakarta segala usia.
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  • Eddy Betty
  • Sebastian Gunawan
  • Adrian Gan
  • Chenny Han
  • Sofie


Eddy Betty was born in Jambi on July 6th 1970. His great talent in fashion design was first attracted the attention of people in the fashion business through Fashion Design Competition held by Sarinah Magazine. He marked his step in fashion design industry when his under the sea nuance design won the competition in 1989.

Aiming his dream to become a professional fashion designer, Eddy attended Fleuri de la Porte and Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. For 6 years he studied about fashion, and it has form the soul of haute couture in every of his design.



Sebastian Gunawan is a famous high-end fashion designer. Born in Jakarta, on July 2, 1967. He is well known for his elegant, sophisticated, feminine, and glamorous gowns.

Sebastian Gunawan is also famous for his beautiful, attractive, and illustrative sketches. It was this talent that made him think to become a fashion designer. He started when he was still in high school. Those sketches was inspirational for his classmates and family members that used them especially on important occasions.



From a start as a dressmaker, Adrian Gan is now drawing the attention of the country's fashion world. His designs, reflecting his fine, innovative techniques of crooked patterns and cutting, were displayed at the Regent Hotel in South Jakarta.Relying on his talent, the formal education he got from Susan's school, several years' experience in the fashion world and his limited capital, Adrian opened his dress-making business in Sunter, North Jakarta, in 1986.

Adrian has pursued his career as a quality dressmaker, especially for exclusive evening gowns. As the years have gone by, more and more women came to him to have their dresses made (his regular clientele includes members of several prominent business families in the country).


Chenny Han

Chenny Han, born in Jakarta on July 3, 1963. Been in the field of makeup and hair since 1980 to the present. Experienced over the past 5 years in the land of Uncle Sam in the same field, working in one of the leading salons in Monterey Park, California.

In 1993, on his return from the USA, Chenny Han and opened a bridal salon in Jakarta, now Chenny Han has developed divisional Bridal, Fashion, Wedding Night, Outdoor Photo, Wedding Organizer, Han Chenny Bridal Magazine, publication of books and other wedding supplies, also supplying bridal gowns to several cities in Indonesia.



Obtained his professional career of Susan Budiharjo fashion school. Sofie was born on March 9, 1969 in Jember and being an active member of APPM since 1997. Seeing business opportunities in the expanding field of fashion design, he decided to design fashion under the label "Sofie Design". Not only adult clothes, he also produces fashion label children with Sofie KIDS.

Many awards and accomplishments has been achieved by Sofie such as semi-finalists in 1994, Concour Indonesia des Jeunes Creatures de Mode, Jakarta. 1995, Third Place, Indonesian Fashion Competition, Ambassador of Indonesia in Asia Fashion Competition. 2002 as The Best 3 Winner Version FTV and Moet & Chandhon Bali Fashion Week. Year 2005 Runner Up The Best Performance Bali Fashion Week. And in 2007 get Creative Awards Clothing Weaving Held Category Best Traditional Motifs Indonesia (Ministry).

The world of fashion starts here
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